Here are few words from our sponsored charity

YoungDementia UK

YoungDementia UK support working-age people with dementia and their family members. Young onset dementia affects over 60,000 younger people across the UK, sometimes as young as 35. They experience monumental losses in their prime of life. Their relationships with their partner or children, career progression, financial stability, an enjoyable social life and their future dreams are all lost.

Dementia is a progressive and terminal condition which causes unique challenges in young people. Their vitality and strength mean that they have very different support needs when compared to older people and in many cases they have young families whose lives are turned upside down by having a partner or parent with dementia.

We are dedicated to ensuring that people affected by young onset dementia have the best opportunity to live well. Our support teams work with younger people with dementia helping them to remain active for as long as possible, to live life to the full and to have a voice in shaping their care before the illness makes this impossible.

People like Eileen who looks forward to her ‘special Tuesdays’ and wonderful days out with our team member, Kaija. ‘Cups of tea with Kaija are like special moments between friends, they make my world a brighter place.’ We also support family members by providing information, advice, respite and opportunities for social activity to counteract isolation.

Community Fundraising is a vital element of our income and every year we need to raise at least £100,000, in addition to the money raised from Trusts and Foundations. This income allows us to continue and grow the strong support relationships with our members and enables us to develop further opportunities to reach out to younger people with dementia across the UK who currently have no support.